Hey Beauties! Previously I gave y’all the makeup necessities, and now I’m giving y’all the clothing pieces you need! Here’s a list of the basics you need in your closet this fall!

  1. Jean Jacket. Put it over your dresses, crop tops, or get a cute cropped jean jacket.
  2. Skinny Jeans. They go best with sneakers, tall boots, and almost everything else.
  3. Bomber Jacket. ‘Cuz why not.
  4. Joggers. Perfect for a lazy day, a tomboy look, or even pajamas.
  5. Dark Wash + Light Wash Jeans.
  6. High Waisted Jeans. Goes best with crop tops. (I prefer all my jeans high waisted, but some types look better on others).
  7. Bodysuit. A simple plain colored bodysuit goes under jeans and can be worn with a jacket over it.
  8. Over-sized T-Shirt. Tie it up, let it down, or wear it as a dress.
  9. Sweater. Preferably cute and simple, so that it’s easier to accessorize. (I, of course, prefer mine cropped or over-sized).
  10.  Knee High Boots. For style, for comfort, and of course, foe weather
  11. Timberland Shoes. It goes with many fall outfits, and it’s basically a huge necessity.
  12. Matching Set. This could be a matching Adidas, Fila, or Nike set. (pants/joggers and a jacket). 

These are the basics you need for this fall! Look forward to more posts on what u need for every season! 

***Leave comments on what you want my next post to be about! I’ll answer your questions and give you advice on whatever topic you want!***


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