*Note: Due to the high amounts of advice emails and the time it takes for me to respond (usually 30 mins. – 1 hour+) I had to add a cost. 🙂 All love!*

Hi Girls! Once you purchase, you can ask a question about several topics including friendships, career goals, school, boys, relationships, family, etc., in the “Advice/Notes” section at checkout, and I will happily email you my response! I give detailed, thorough responses that are usually 3+ paragraphs long (but may vary depending on question/situation).

I analyze your situation and give the best responses I can to help. 🙂 I care about you girls! Before purchasing, read the ENTIRE description below:


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*All responses come from me personally and I give a detailed and helpful response. 🙂 I love helping others and giving advice is a great way to do so! (It can also help to have an outside opinion on things.)

*Response Time = Up to 10 days 🙂

*All information given is safe and secure. Your name, email, and the scenario/paragraph you write will not be shared with anyone else. All information is ONLY used so I (Bella) can write back to you with some advice.

*I’m not a qualified therapist, I just love giving advice and helping! I will give you the best advice to help you, but unfortunately there’s no 100% guarantee it will work.

*Unfortunately I can’t answer questions about legal information or homework/projects 🙂

*Please give detailed questions and/or backstory. It helps to give better advice! Good Luck! 🙂

*Remember to send in your paragraph/situation in the “Advice/Notes” section at checkout so I can respond! 🙂


  1. Jalyn

    Bella is literally the best person to receive advice from. Shes helped me with so many of my problems and is very helpful.

  2. Jacob

    Coming from a guys prospective bella is a very nice person to get advice from. you can tell she puts her heart into the advice that she sends back to you.

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