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Hi Girls! Ask a question about several topics including friendships, career goals, school, boys, relationships, family, etc., in the “Advice/Notes” section at checkout, and I will email you my response!

I give detailed, thorough, essay-like responses (introduction, body, and conclusion) that are usually 4-7+ paragraphs long (but may vary depending on question/situation).

I’ve helped 20 girls with advice so far and I’d love to help you too! Before purchasing, read the ENTIRE description below:

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*All responses come from me (Bella) personally and I give a detailed and helpful response. 🙂 I love helping others and giving advice is a great way to do so! (It can also help to have an outside opinion on things.)

*Response Time = Up to 10 days 🙂

*All information given is safe and secure. Your name, email, and the scenario/paragraph you write will not be shared with anyone else. All information is ONLY used so I (Bella) can write back to you with some advice.

*I’m not a qualified therapist, I just love giving advice and helping! I will give you the best advice to help you, but unfortunately there’s no 100% guarantee it will work.

*Unfortunately I can’t answer questions about legal information or homework/projects 🙂

*Please give detailed questions and/or backstory. It helps to give better advice! Good Luck! 🙂

*Remember to send in your paragraph/situation in the “Advice/Notes” section at checkout so I can respond! 🙂

7 responses to “Ask Me for Advice!”

  1. Bella is literally the best person to receive advice from. Shes helped me with so many of my problems and is very helpful.

  2. Coming from a guys prospective bella is a very nice person to get advice from. you can tell she puts her heart into the advice that she sends back to you.

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