Hey y’all!!! Today I’m giving advice for teens on how to start their businesses at a young age! Here we go.❤

  1. Find Your Passion. (I’ll write an article for this too.) Find what drives you and motivates you, and can hopefully make you money.
  2. Do Your Research. This step is NOT that fun, but is crucial. Let’s say you want to start a business. Examples could be an online boutique, a shoe store, selling beauty products, or any business that requires having a physical product in store – you can research vendors (to buy and resell the products) or how to make the product you’re selling. If you’re business is something else, do more research behind it and remember to research your competition too. 😉 
  3. Make That Plan. Now that you’ve done your research, you need to make a plan of everything you need to do by order and importance.
  4. Raise the Money. Unfortunately, starting a business takes money, and may cost a lot. Options to get money to start your business are…Use birthday/christmas gift money, get a job, ask your parents, or use another option. Remember that part of the research is to find out exactly how much money you need to start.
  5. Get Who You Need. Do you need to contact vendors for your business? Do you need promoters (usually people with a high following on social media)? Make sure you know who you’re working with before you start your business. (except for the promoters, because those come last – you can’t promote the product if you don’t have your business started)
  6. START!!!! Girl, it’s your time to start! If you need to tackle more things in your business plan, do it! If you’ve done it all and are scared to finally launch it, JUST DO IT! Remember that starting a business at a young age is a big accomplishment already, and it could turn into a career for you! Entrepreneurship is a learning experience, so be prepared. But once again, start that business!!

There you go girlbosses, that’s how you start a business at a young age!

***Leave comments on what you want my next post to be about! I’ll answer your questions and give you advice on whatever topic you want!***

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