Hello! Today I’m giving A Guide to Failure: How to deal with it, why we deal with it, and how to use it to make us all winners. 

  1. Why We Have Failures – As cliche as it sounds, we all face a loss to teach us something. We need failure to help us try harder, steer us in a new direction, humble ourselves, possibly improve our self esteem, etc. We have to fail to teach us something in order to win. You can’t win big without making a mistake, failing, or trying several times.
  2. How to Deal With Failures – Once we fail at something, let alone make a mistake, there are several different responses for everyone. Some may call themselves bad names or obsess over the mistake, and some may even begin encouraging themselves. No matter what, do the process called ALT.
  • A = Accept: Review what happened one last time, and let it go. If you need to watch others fail on youtube, take a walk in the park, or talk to someone about it, do it. Do whatever you need to to accept the failure and not obsess over it (don’t doubt or attack yourself for what happened).
  • L = Learn: Now you can learn from the mistake. What caused it? When did it happen? How’d you feel or react when it happened? What did you do? All these things can help you figure out the cause. Now ask yourself: What can I do to prevent it from happening again? How can I change my method of doing __ so it won’t happen again? What is this teaching me? These questions can help you learn from the failure so you’ll evolve from it.
  • TTurn: Let’s turn that failure into something new. You’ve learned from that failure, so now you can apply it. Do you need to work harder? Try a new route? If so, do it. This is your time to overcome your failure, rather than it taking over you. Apply what you’ve learned and watch your life turn around.

3. WIN! – As stated earlier in the ALT method, apply what you’ve learned from the failure. Once you do that, it’ll definitely help you win next time. However, there’s one other secret rule to help you win: GET OUT AND GO BIG! This means you need to try out new things, and do the best you can at them. If you promoted your business and got no sales, get out there and promote even more or find new ways to market. Don’t invest too much into the promotion or new marketing, but don’t spend too little either. Try new things, don’t be scared, and DEFINITELY don’t let failure cause you            to doubt yourself.

That’s the Guide to Failure: Why we have it, how to deal with it (ALT method), and how to win in the future. Hope you enjoyed and get ready for my next post on Tuesday!💖

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