Hey bosses! Today we’re talking about whether you not you should go to college. There are several pros and cons to going to college, but it all depends on you.


  • Personal
    • Are you going to college for someone else? Because your parents or friends are persuading you to go? Going to college has to be a decision for YOU and YOU only.
    • Will going to college affect your time? Do you have to care for others or do you have a job that is full-time? Going to college for 2 or 4 years is a big decision, and make sure your time management is okay for it.
    • Friends and Family: Going to college will lead you to make new friends and meet new people. But will the college you go to be near home, or thousands of miles away? Do you feel safe leaving family for a long period of time? The location of your college may factor into whether you should go there or not.
  • Career (THIS IS BIG)
    • The most important factor about college is how it’ll affect your career. Are you going to a school for arts, but you really want to major in business? If the college you go to isn’t teaching you about your dream career or the job you want to take, you probably shouldn’t go.
    • Luckily, college can open the door for plenty of new job opportunities and career choices in the future. This can be very helpful, especially if you don’t even know what job or career you want.
    • “But what if I’m already working right now?” “What if I already have a business going or a business idea?” “Won’t college hinder my time?” This is a scenario that depends all on you, because the business’s success depends on you, the effort put in depends on you, and the work you’re doing falls back on you. If you feel like you can make your desired amount of money or that you’re business will be successful eventually, (without the help of college), then there’s no reason you should go. If you feel like you need to put more work and time into your business rather than college, than that may be just what you need to do. Keep in mind, there are also colleges just for business, and you can even get an MBA. If you are already working a job you like and don’t feel the need to learn more or open a way for new job opportunities, then you can continue working that job.
  • Financial
    • We all knew this was coming: “What about college debt?” “What if I don’t have the money to pay for college?” There are student loan programs and other programs to help u pay your college tuition. You could also apply for a scholarship, but if your academics aren’t well, getting a scholarship may be hard to do. If you feel like you can’t pay for college or you’ll have debt, you could either wait until you have the money, or make money to pay off the costs.
  • Academics
    • Once again, if you have high grades and good academic grades, you could apply for a scholarship. If you don’t have the best grades, you can still go to college, including a community college. You don’t have to have good grades to get into college, and you don’t have to be extremely smart either.

That’s my advice for those wondering whether they should go to college or not. There are many things to consider. Remember, there are also online college classes or lessons you can take and still earn certificates. Next week there will be more posts in store!

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