Today we’re talking about something BIG. We’re talking about confidence.

It’s important to first understand exactly what confidence is. 


  • Confidence is NOT “I don’t care what anyone thinks about me.” It’s  “I know myself well enough to understand who I really am, regardless of what anyone says. I can also take constructive criticism because I know I’m not perfect and I do have flaws.”
  • Confidence is NOT “I always look good every day…I have to be the prettiest.” It’s “I feel comfortable in the way I look. I take care of my body and skin so my hygiene is up to par and I look presentable. I may not look my best everyday, but I don’t call myself bad things when I don’t look my best.”
  • Confidence is NOT “I always believe I can do it, no matter what. I never have doubts.” There will be times where you may have doubts, but confidence means that you try, accept your failures and celebrate your achievements along the way, and you fight back the thought that you can’t do it and do everything to prove you can.


Of course, some days you won’t care what anyone thinks, and some days you’ll have no doubts about anything, and other days you will. Confidence is accepting who you are as a person, knowing you still have flaws, failures, but you also have goals, dreams, accomplishments, and you are worth it. 


How to Be Confident:

  1. When you have negative thoughts, don’t ignore it. Instead, address it and move on. (Ex. “Ugh, I did so bad on my math test.” “I didn’t do well, but at least I know what I need help in and I can definitely improve.”
  2. Set Goals. Big goals or small goals or both. And accomplish them. To have self esteem, do esteemable things. Volunteer, help others, accomplish a goal, take a risk, try something new, etc. Do something that makes you feel purposeful, proud, and happy.
  3. Speak and Affirm. Tell yourself positive affirmations, watch videos that speak positive affirmations, and describe yourself as an awesome person.
  4. Write what you like and what you don’t like. Change the things you don’t like, and the ones you can’t change, either embrace, accept, or gradually let go of it.
  5. Take care of yourself. Get a routine and stick to it, keep up your hygiene, relax and rest, and simply care for yourself as someone who loves you would care for you.


Those are my tips for how to be and remain confident. It took me years to fully be confident and accept my flaws, and it may take you days, weeks, months, or years also. However, accepting yourself fully isn’t a one day job. It will take time, and that’s fine. Remember PPH. For more advice tips, comment below, and remember, there will always be more to come!




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