Independence is key when it comes to success and extremely important to be self-sufficient. These are reasons why it’s important to be (or stay) independent.

Self Esteem / Happiness

– Having accomplishments and doing things yourself boosts your confidence and self-trust. Accomplishing things yourself also gives others the impression of your confidence, and it paves the way for more opportunities in the future. The increase in self esteem in turn increases your happiness.

Relying on Yourself (not others)

– Independence allows yourself to rely on you. You understand that it’s your duty to take action and create a life designed by you. Whether it be financial or mental/emotional, it’s necessary to depend on yourself in case any situation comes up. If you were to always rely on others, anything could happen that would cause that dependence to be lost.

Creating Your Future

The best part of being self-sufficient is that you get to create parts of your future or lifestyle. Opening that business, writing that book, or changing a habit, can all affect your future, and hopefully change it for the better.

Helping Others

Now that you’re independent, you can also help others. Your self-sufficiency gives you the opportunity to give knowledge, ideas, or even objects to help others.

Emotional Independence

Mental and emotional independence are key and important for making decisions. Emotional independence allows yourself to help and care for yourself in times of need, especially during sad times, and it also allows you to understand when you need help from others. Mental independence also causes you to make more thoughtful decisions on your own, and gives you no need to call up all your friends and family and ask if all your decisions are the right one.

Those are the reasons why it’s important to be independent and self-sufficient for a successful future.

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