Hello beauties! Today I’m giving you all some tips on how to not get nervous when speaking publicly. This could be used for school projects, presentations, speeches, and plenty more scenarios. Here they are!


  1. Be Ready – Is your presentation or speech complete? Is it being graded? (therefore know the rubric). Know the audience and what they would like to see or the information they need.
  2. Mental Preparation – If you need to, do a breathing exercise before presenting. Breathe in and out slowly to lessen your anxiety. If you need to, write down the possible outcomes of the presentation or speech to organize your thoughts. (More tips on how to stop worrying at https://livingbybella.com/advice/worry-less/
  3. Grab Their Attention – Start with something interesting, and possibly include a personal story or a funny introduction so you and your audience will feel more at ease.
  4. Practice – This may sound cliche, but it’s very important. The more public speaking you do, the more you’ll get better at it. Practice what you’re saying so your project is memorized.
  5. Ok, now you’ve practiced: Try it with distractions. – Have a relative or friend watch you, or even create music in the background.
  6. FOCUS ON INFO – Rather than focusing on the audience themselves, including they’re reactions, faces, or keeping eye contact, focus on what you’re telling them. Focus on what information you need to tell them, practice it, and execute it. When you pay attention to the actual information the audience needs to hear, the eye contact and open body language will come with it.
  7. Good Body Language – Don’t walk around too much or move so much to distract your audience. Maybe point at visuals, look people in the eye (but don’t focus on that too much or you may lose track of where you are), and try to refrain from closed body language. That means hunching, crossing your arms, or facing too much away from your audience. Even if you don’t have confidence, try to make your body language project it. (Tips with confidence at https://livingbybella.com/advice/how-to-be-confident/
  8. Take Time – Don’t speak too fast, nor too slow. If you need help with this, it’d be best to ask for another’s opinion when practicing presenting. Take pauses and speak carefully.
  9. Practice Projection – I personally tend to get quieter toward the end of a slide or my presentation. I definitely need to work on my projection, which means keeping a voice throughout the entire presentation that people can hear well and can understand what I’m saying.


*Remember: Nervousness is a normal feeling when someone begins a presentation or speech. Even famous singers still get nervous before performing! With practice, you can always get better, and good luck to you always!


Those are my 9 tips for public speaking! Good luck on your future presentation or speech and remember to be ready for my next post: hint – it’s about making extra money.


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