Procrastination, a common but deadly problem, is an issue that disrupts our succession and accomplishments. There is always a root for our procrastination , but many times, that cause is unknown and the problem is cureless. Today I’m going to talk about my struggle with procrastination and the effects of it, then I’ll talk about how YOU can stop procrastinating and get that work done.


MY PROCRASTINATION: I’ve struggled with procrastination, mostly ever since the passing of my mom, and it stemmed from depression. After my depression, it was simply a habit. I would mainly put entertainment (mostly my phone) before the work I needed to do. Now, I am slowly breaking this habit because I have bigger goals now that need A LOT of work to be done. Now, I’m going to help you break your habit of procrastination.


  1. LEARN THE CAUSE: Is it simply entertainment? Do you simply not want to think about the work needed to be done? Do you not see the purpose for it? Find the reason behind finding a distraction.
  2. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET: Instead of thinking “I need to do ALLL this homework,” think “This homework is going to benefit my grade and possibly give me advantages or future opportunities.” Look at the positive outcome.
  3. AVOID DISTRACTIONS: Cut off the phone, close the door, stop contact with friends until your work gets done, and force yourself to pay attention only to work for at least 30 mins.
  4. DO WHAT YOU WANT: Give yourself time to do the things you want to do at least every day.
  5. MAKE BIG GOALS: Make some BIG GOALS or even SMALL GOALS so you have a goal in mind.
  6. 5 SECONDS: Once a thought pops in your head, get up and execute it in the first 5 seconds.
  7. PLAN: Finally, plan your next day, week, or even month, and get executing!


Those are my key tips on how to stop procrastinating! See you next week!

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