After putting out my morning routine, I decided it’s the right time to also put out my night routine!

  1. Read – (a chapter of a novel or The Bible)
  2. Set Alarm for Tomorrow + Cut off All Electronics
  3. Drink a Cup of Water
  4. Write My To-Do List for Tomorrow
  5. Write in my journal about the day
  6. Prepare Pajamas
  7. Prepare Tomorrow’s Clothes
  8. Dental Routine
  9. Shower
  10. Wash face + Hair Routine
  11. Stretch
  12. Meditate

That’s All! This may seem like a lot for a night routine but I usually start mine about an hour and a half before bedtime. More to come!

***Leave comments on what you want my next post to be about! I’ll answer your questions and give you advice on whatever topic you want!***


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