We all have a time when there’s just one thing hovering our minds, and that’s WORRY. Worry is a part of our life, especially when we have something new or important coming up. Here I gave tips to help get worry and anxiety out your mind.

1. What Could Happen?– Whatever situation is making you worry, write down three to five possibilities of the outcome of that situation. For example, I’m participating in the talent show tomorrow. Three things that could happen would be…

  1. I make a mistake on stage that would make me feel embarrassed.
  2. The crowd applauds and seems to like my act.
  3. The crowd doesn’t applaud or seem to like my act.

Look at what scenario seems more realistic, and see how you would react to each response.

2. Remind Yourself– Remind Yourself That…

  1. Worry is simply an emotion or a train of thought, and WILL NOT affect the real outcome of the situation.
  2. Worry simply takes up time that could be used to better the possibilities of the outcome.
  3. It will make the feelings of the effect stronger. For example, if you worried that you would fail your talent show act, and instead you actually won the talent show, your feelings of relief and happiness would be way stronger than normal. But, if you indeed lost the talent show and did make a mistake in your act, your feelings of sadness and disappointment will be much worse.

3. Set Aside Time – When I catch myself feeling anxious about a new event coming up, I set aside time to worry about it. For example, I might set an alarm for 5 minutes to “worry” about everything I’m anxious about. Setting an alarm to “worry” for 5 minutes every day helps to understand what you’re really anxious about. It also helps to say, “I’ll worry about it later”. I hope these tips were extremely helpful, and they’ve definitely helped me in the past. There’s always more advice to come!

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