A Message From Bella

Hi! Thanks for reading this. Many of you found Living By Bella in 2018-2020, when I was still a young teen girl writing and sharing my thoughts on discovering yourself, coping with grief and depression, and learning how to improving your well-being – all while I was learning these things myself. Most of my audience is now much older, and as we become the women we’ve always wanted to be, I figured Living By Bella needs to grow with you.

This site is no longer a “blog”. It’s your new home: a community and resource for women like you to gain access to everything focused on bettering your everyday life, from virtual communities focused on fitness, mental health, careers, to a weekly newsletter that features recommendations, advice, and interviews, to future products and resources that aim to help you reach your goals and look good while doing it.

I want this to be the perfect home for you to come when you need a boost in inspiration, some reading time for yourself, a or a community of smart, curious, and confident women like you.

So go ahead. Sign up for our email list. It’s like a mini-magazine filled with weekly recommendations, advice, and more. And of course, you’ll be the first to know of all of our product and community launches. Our first newsletter of 2023 will come February 12th.

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