Thanks for filling out the form at Ask Me for Advice! Due to the long length of my responses, and the 1+ hrs. it takes to respond, I had to add a price! All love!

I’ve helped over 20 girls so far and I’d love to help you! Please add this to checkout, purchase, and I’ll get to you as soon as possible! 🙂

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Responses are usually, but not subject to, 3-7 paragraphs long. I analyze each and every detail to give you the best advice possible!

I’m not a therapist/doctor, I just love giving valuable advice to others and helping!

Response time: Up to 10 days

Extras: https://livingbybella.com/advice/ask-me-for-advice/


  1. Jalyn

    Bella is literally the best person to receive advice from. Shes helped me with so many of my problems and is very helpful.

  2. Jacob

    Coming from a guys prospective bella is a very nice person to get advice from. you can tell she puts her heart into the advice that she sends back to you.

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