We do not issue refunds. Due to all of our products being digital (“Digital” hereby means a product or purchase that is sent and/or received through technology such as computers, cellphones, and includes phone numbers and email addresses), we do not issue refunds on products. If you’d like to email us at, then please tell us your 1) Name 2) The Name of the Product You Ordered (Please forward the purchase confirmation email if possible). 3) The Complaint/Issue.

Therefore, it is extremely important to provide updated and accurate information (including names, phone numbers, email addresses, and any other information provided) so digital products do not get sent to inaccurate addresses.

If a digital product was sent to the wrong email address, person, or phone number, please contact us at our email address of If there was a technological issue when sending the product, also contact us immediately at

Representatives of Living By Bella will contact you with support as fast as possible when emailed with a complaint or issue with a product.

We also do not do exchanges due to our products being digital.